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    Stars 2Well, it's been a busy few months! We've been steadily working away both on the promotion side of things and on the creative side too. There have been a couple of seminars that I've attended on how to promote ourselves more effectively - this website is due an overhaul and I've got someone helping me with that so keep your eyes peeled, hopefully it will be easier to navigate and the information will be a lot clearer. I'm hoping to increase my rankings on google so I've been doing some homework and I've learnt that with everything, consistency is a must! Blogging apparently helps too so I'd really appreciate your thoughts on what you'd like to see whether it be more updates, information about organising an event, upcoming trends in the event decor market, what's new for us in the way of lights, light up letters, centerpieces, decor, etc.
  2. Love Hear Arch 
    Rochdale Wedding Show was just the most amazing day! From totally stepping out of my comfort zone to chatting away with brides and grooms to be and liaising with other exhibitors - the day was a definite challenge but totally worth it!
    Orders and enquiries are coming in and I'm so happy to share my love of all things bright and beautiful with prospective customers. Everyone seemed genuinely impressed with our displays and the added bonus of being situated next to a bridal shop - Alice Ada Bridal, based in Bury, gave us both the perfect opportunity to share our products with each other. Their model, Georgia, looked stunning in every dress she wore and we provided the perfect backdrop for photographs that we can both use in our promotions.
    Looking forward to the next opportunity to showcase our wonderful letters, archway, balloon displays and sweet cart.