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  1. Neon 5
    Trends evolve year after year which means that your wedding will be so much different from the one you attended last year and will be distinctly different from ones coming up over the next few years.
    There is a new trend that pops us every now and then that is completely new and no-one ever thought of in the past but most are variations on existing ideas. Each year that passes adds to the incredible range of ideas that already exist, meaning the options available to newly engaged couples just continues to grow.
  2.  Wedding Photo
    That's the average cost of a wedding in the UK in 2019. Yes, really - according to hitched.co.uk. And it's gone down by £299 from 2018!
    More realistically, Hello! magazine has suggested that around £17,000 is the actual norm, going up to just over £24,000 in London so no need to panic just yet. So what are people actually spending their budget on? I've googled a couple of websites to get an idea of current trends and together with what I know of the industry, I'll hopefully be able to advise on ways that you can reduce the amount you spend.